Zenith Mens 96.0529.4035/51.M Luxury watch

The Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph is one of the best selling luxury watches in 2011. This watch can tell a great deal about a man’s character and of course his sense of taste. If you want to stand out from the crowd then you should consider adding the Defy Extreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph to your watch collection. Made by one of the best watch manufacturers in the world, this Zenith watch is made to outlast all the rest. With only twenty five of these watches on the market you must get it fast before you lose out on having one of the greatest watches ever made.

Appeal:With simple elegance, the Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph watch is made of titanium, crystal and carbon fibre. With a small case of forty six millimeters you are able to see the blue dial that stands out nicely from the background of the watch. From a distance you would never think that this watch was a ninety thousand dollar watch but when viewed up close you will come to appreciate its true beauty.

Functional:The Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph has easy to read dials that are luminous and can be read easily in low lit areas. The makers of the watch have even included a water proof feature that allows you to submerge the watch in water up to one thousand meters without damaging it. This is watch that can be worn every day.Limited Production:Zenith as created a true limited edition watch with the Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph as they have only made twenty five watches

IWC IW504207 Portuguese Tourbillon

The Portuguese Tourbillion watch is a beautifully decorated watch which is top 10 luxury watches at ama. With its alligator strap it is the perfect dress watch but it can be dressed down as well creating a dramatic effect. The Portuguese Tourbillon comes with the popular tourbillon complication and is a variation of the old pocket watch.

The sapphire glass and the intricate detailing will make this watch the perfect gift for the man in your life. What ama saysTop Mens Luxury Watches Online – IWC IW504207 Features:Visual Appeal:The Portuguese Tourbillon watch is visually attractive with the clear sapphire glass through which you can see the inner workings of the watch.

The face of watch is made up of Arabic numbers. The power reserve is located at three o’clock, the small hand at 9 o’clock and of course the watch would not be complete without the skeletonized tourbillon at twelve o’clock.Durability:The Portuguese Tourbillon comes with a thick twenty-two millimeter wide alligator strap that is secured to an 18k white gold case.

The makers of this watch have also included a fold over clasp that keeps the strap looking good through all the wear and tear that comes with putting it on and taking it off.Unique:If you are looking for something different in a watch then look no further than the Portuguese Tourbillon. There are only 250 of these watches in circulation and this model is a limited edition. Act quickly because once they are gone you won’t find any more. It’s one of the top 10 luxury watches online. If you are looking for the the best watch of men, you can consider this one and compare it with Zenith 96.0529.4035/51.M

Pro Diver Watches for Men

Whether you’re a diver or not, wearing a divers watch is indeed cool and trendy. Far from its traditional connotation of divers watch worn by divers alone, most men of today wears divers watch to compliment both their styles and needs. Divers watch are known for their unique ability to stay up and running while completely submerge in water, they are also fashionable enough to wear every day.

But did you know that there are men’s luxury watches that functions or completely made as divers watch as well? Yes there are luxury divers watch that you can use whether to impress your girl or to keep you time-tracked under water. See this list of divers luxury watches below and take your pick based from your needs, wants and of course budget.
1.       Ball Engineer Master II Diver – it has GTLS illumination system that uses 53 individual tubes of tritium gas that provides a constant light source underwater 100 times better. Also, you don’t need to charge this watch for 25 years. Compared to other men’s luxury watches on line, if you want to be unique get this watch at $1,599.
2.       Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Diver Collection Silver-Tone Watch(see invicta watches review) – the name of this watch itself sounds very luxurious but wait till you see its specifications. It can go more than 3,000 feet and features a helium release valve to equalize the pressure building inside the case.  The case and bracelet is made from corrosion free titanium meaning this one type of mens luxury watch can really last a lifetime be audacious and distinct with this watch.
3.       Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date – made from solid 18-karat gold and 904L stainless steel, sure that nothing can go extravagant than this men’s diver watch. Accompanied by its long line of men’s luxury watches, this Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date retails for a whopping price of $7,825.
Luxury and diving can go hand in hand as shown by these marvellous luxury watches divers edition. With these high end divers watches, combine value and functionality at its best. If you want to buy luxury watches online, take a took at our top luxury watches.

I like luxury watch, do you?

As a business man, I fly to Asia a lot. Asia has a different culture at many things, like the reviews on luxury watches. Most of the people there don’t wear watches, especially young man. “Why I need a watch? Since i have mobile to see the time”. Once I was having a coffee with my friend. He asked how much my watch worth was. I told him it’s a limited luxury watch, cost me 50k dollars. He was totally shocked, and joked am I mad or what. It looks unbelievable for him to pay this much money for a watch. I’m 100% sure my friend is 100 times richer than me. He has 4 Ferrari but would not pay over $1k for a watch.

Frankly, I’m not rich men. I’m doing okay with my business. I enjoy my work and life and I’m a fun of luxury watches. It’s like an addicting interest. I can’t tell why I love luxury watch so much. It’s like you wear a famous clothes and you will have a good mood in it. For me, the most things I care are the watch I wear. Recently I started to buy luxury watches online, it’s just convenient and cheaper.

I buy men’s luxury watches one 1 year or so as a gift for myself. I’m not going to buy the best luxury watches as those millionaires. I buy the one right for me. I just like finding a girl friend. Hah, you’d find the one right for you. Now I have over 27 watches. Sometimes I’m not in good financial condition, but i will never sell any of my gems. I treat them as my babies. If you have the same fun, shoot me an email, let’s communicate.

Buy Luxury Watches Online

Every man dreams of owning a luxury watch may it be from Rolex, Tag Heuer, Maurice Lacroix, Frank Muller, Cartier, Bvlgari and all others. But as we all know, these watches don’t come cheap and inexpensive, some may even cost more than your house and lot! Luckily if you want to buy affordable luxury watches, there’s no best place to shop but in the internet. Luxury watches online are way cheaper than those displayed on boutique stores or even malls. However, extra precaution should be taken into deep consideration knowing that the internet is also the haven of fake and replica men’s luxury watches.

Pro diver watch

To avoid fraudulent and bogus acts, read on to this article and discover how not to be scammed when buying men’s luxury watches online.

1.       Best luxury watches don’t come too cheap – if the price looks too good to be true, be suspicious and scrutinize the product well. Note that top luxury watches don’t come too cheap most especially for brand new ones, used luxury watches can command a lower price tag but not as low as a mid end watch.

2.       Check the reputation of the seller – you also need to assess the reputation of the seller and make sure that he/she is honest and trusted enough. Review customer feedbacks, tenure in the business, physical address of the office and all others.

3.       Ask for 100% customer satisfaction and warranty of authenticity – if a product doesn’t come with any warranty whether for its authenticity or customer satisfaction, hold your mouse and don’t purchase those luxury watches yet.

4.       Be covered with your purchase – if you will be buying mens luxury watches online, most likely you will be using your credit card or PayPal account to pay the merchandise. If you are not covered with its buyer protection policy, don’t waste your time buying and look for another seller.

5.       Make sure to do your homework first – having your very own knowledge about the specifications and genuine trademarks of the watch will dictate the authenticity of your purchase. Look for genuine pictures of the watch online, read related blogs and forums about top 10 luxury watches and carefully study the “know-how’s” on how to determine a fake watch.

Buying top luxury watch is more of a personal choice that truly depends on the consumer. If you can’t afford a brand new one, purchase a used one. If you can’t afford a used one, go with mid-end watches.

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